morning         an early morning wave reaches its destination

Cornwall  curl  evening  pier  sepia  storm  land/sea  pier fan  sea green  backwash  Sennen  St Michael's Mount - snow  St Michael's Mount - sunrise  shorebreak  secret spot  salt spray  return to Newlyn  Praa Sands  Porthleven  offshore   midsummer  lucky man  lightwave  granite mist  frozen wave  winter surf  the bluff, Hayle  surfer 1  surfer2  sunset wave  blue power blue2 untitled veil

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Driftwood and Exhibitions

In keeping with the sea theme the photographs can be presented in frames made from driftwood picked up on local beaches. This is usually on an ad-hoc basis, as the supply of driftwood is obviously not guaranteed. The photographs on the site can be made available for exhibitions, just get in touch.

Ocean Image is a website for waves and ocean related images. You can choose postcards, greeting cards and prints from the collection of fine art photographs. Images include big waves, small waves, barrels, beaches, surf, surfing and surfers, piers, rugged cliffs, and storms, as well as fishing boats, piers, and lighthouses.

Ocean-Image also has a stock photo library of coastal Cornish landscape and seascape images which will be useful for magazines, advertising and tourism. There are transparencies of sailing ships, luggers and square-riggers etc. The pictures are by photographer Mike Newman, who is inspired by the Atlantic Ocean surrounding his home in Penwith, Cornwall.